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NuSouth Tee


NuSouth Tee


Remember the NuSouth Tee

  • Available in S-XXL!
  • 100% Cotton Tee
  • Water Based Print

"In 1993, a diverse group of young men got together to brainstorm an image for the cover of Vertical Records new release for a Charleston, SC based rap group, 'Da Phlayva'. The NuSouth Flag became that image. Sherman Evans and Angel Quintero of Vertical, only had an inkling of the impact this flag would have on their lives and the lives of many." (Via archive version of home page.)

{The NuSouth became a huge inspiration in my first thoughts of Hip Hop and Design growing up... and I always felt nauseous at the sight of a confederate flag. (Living in Florida for 7 years gave me plenty of glimpses into the hypocrisy and apathetic argument.) It was a subtle / silent reminder of where we were and the history behind it... it was why it remained on t-shirts and bumper stickers... tattoos and whatever other surface they could plaster it on... "heritage not hate" they said... well, what do you say when your heritage is hate? ...Exactly. It's a symbol meant to intimidate and silence the weak... and in 2018, just like 1993 we need more symbols that speak to the opposite; that represent a new beginning, a subtle reminder of where we are and how its going to be.}

Power to all Peoples - KILLTHEGIANT™

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